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Cellulose Insulation or Fiberglass Insulation ?

Pros for using either cellulose or fiberglass insulation Cellulose Insulation: 1. Made from recycled materials so it is eco-friendly and green. 2. No adverse health effects from cellulose have been identified to date. 3. Cellulose has a high resistance to … Continue reading

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Insulation Contractor Milwaukee

Before You Hire an Insulation Contractor Before you hire a contractor for any insulation work: Check references: Ask the contractor for references, including other homeowners for whom he has done work. Ask trusted sources for a reference: The Department of … Continue reading

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Air Sealing Milwaukee

Air Sealing Air leakage, or infiltration, occurs when outside air enters a house uncontrollably through cracks and openings. Properly air sealing such cracks and openings in your home can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, improve building durability, and create … Continue reading

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Insulation Milwaukee? Do more with Weatherization!

Weatherization procedures Typical weatherization procedures include: Sealing bypasses (cracks, gaps, holes), especially around doors, windows, pipes and wiring that penetrate the ceiling and floor, and other areas with high potential for heat loss, using caulk, foam sealant, weather-stripping, window film, … Continue reading

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Milwaukee Insulation?

Would you like to save on your energy bills? Me² can help Milwaukee Energy Efficiency program (Me²) is a federally funded program to help City of Milwaukee homeowners and businesses finance energy efficiency upgrades to their properties. Me² makes it … Continue reading

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What are the benefits of wall insulation?

Properly insulated exterior walls in your house will not only increase comfort but also help you save on heating and cooling costs. For energy savings, you can add insulation to your walls in an existing house. If you’re building a … Continue reading

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We want to welcome everyone to our new site. We hope you enjoy it and we are confident it will educate you on the benefits of Insulation, Energy Efficiency, Energy Auditing, Ventilation, HVAC, and Air Sealing. We put hard work … Continue reading

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When to insulate?

No matter what kind of insulation you currently have in your attic, one quick way to determine if you need more is to look across the span of your attic. If your insulation is just level with or below your … Continue reading

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