May 16, 2014

Air Sealing Contractors

An Air Sealing Contractor is a specialized contractor that seals air leaks in the building’s envelope. They commonly use spray foam and other materials to seal bypasses, gaps, and cracks in attics, basement, walls and floors.

Finding an Air Sealing Contractor

Air Sealing Contractors are not commonly listed in the yellow pages under “air sealing”. To find an air sealing contractor contact a Home Energy Rater in your area and ask if they perform air sealing services or you can just call us.

Tips for working with Air Sealing Contractors

  • Ask if they measure air leakage before and after sealing using a blower door.
  • Ask if they will test the safety of combustion appliances after sealing.
  • Air Sealing should be completed before adding insulation. Some Air Sealing contractors also install insulation or can recommend an insulation contractor they typically work with.
  • Ask if they install insulation or can refer an insulation contractor.

Insulation Contractors

An Insulation Contractor is a specialized contractor who installs thermal insulation. Insulation contractors usually specialize in one type of insulation (e.g. fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam), but some will offer to install more than one type.

Finding an Insulation Contractor

Insulation contractors can be found by looking in the yellow pages or you can simply call us.

Tips for working with Insulation Contractors

Ask the contractor what “R-value” of insulation they will install. “R” means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulation power. When insulation is installed, your contractor should provide you with a written statement of the R-value as required in the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) insulation regulations.