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The U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score is a credible, nationally-recognized program for providing accurate information on home energy performance. From Milwaukee to Racine, Whitefish Bay, Shorewood, Glendale, and beyond – our qualified energy assessors determine information on home energy use and how homeowners and potential home buyers can boost home energy performance.

Home Energy Score Report

A Home Energy Score can help set efficient homes apart on the real estate market by providing verified information on home energy use, efficiency, and energy-saving retrofits. Studies show that home buyers are willing to pay more for homes that have lower utility bills. The Weatherization Services energy audit results include a written report and a home efficiency score that can be provided to home shoppers.

Calculating Your Energy Efficiency Score

A score of “1” is given to the least energy efficient homes, and “10” indicates a highly energy efficient home. The report also includes information on how a home would rank and potential utility savings if energy efficiency improvements are completed. If you have made energy upgrades on your home, the Home Energy Score can help highlight the money-saving benefits of these improvements.

Our Home Energy Audit Process

To determine your Home Energy Score, an energy conservation specialist inspects your home, including windows, doors, mechanical systems, attic, and basement. Weatherization Services charges $50 for the Home Energy Score, and the home energy audit lasts about an hour.

This is primarily a visual inspection of your property, from the attic to the basement and home exterior. Your Weatherization Services auditor follows program guidelines set by the Department of Energy to calculate your score after inputting data from your property. Some homeowners choose to have this assessment conducted in conjunction with our $99 home energy audit.

Weatherization Services – Milwaukee’s Energy-Saving Experts

As a one-stop shop for residential energy efficiency upgrades serving Waukesha, Milwaukee, and Ozaukee Counties, the Weatherization Services team works closely with homeowners. Our certified team of energy efficiency contractors insulates homes, performs air sealing, and replaces windows, doors, siding, roofs, water heaters, and furnaces. Weatherization Services strives to make home energy conservation upgrades simple and easy for homeowners by providing excellent customer service, craftsmanship, and materials.

Are you ready to see how your home’s energy efficiency stacks up? Contact us or call (414) 873-4945 to schedule a Home Energy Score assessment.

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